A multi-volume publication of Belarusian literature and literary works about Belarus
from its ancient times until today
Books that have been published

Jan Čačot. Selected works
Jan Barščeŭski. Selected works
Philomaths and Philarets. Collection
Eliza Ažeška. Selected works
Maksim Bahdanovič. Selected works
Ciotka (Ałaiza Paškievič). Selected works (only contents)
Janka Kupała. Selected works (only contents)
Kuźma Čorny. Selected works
Paŭluk Trus. Selected works (only contents)
Vacłaŭ Łastoŭski. Selected works
Uładzimir Žyłka. Selected works
Łarysa Hienijuš. Selected works
Ivan Mielež. Selected works (only contents)
Janka Bryl. Selected works
Natalla Arsiennieva. Selected works (only contents)
Franciška Uršula Radzivił. Selected works
Adam Mickievič. Selected works
Aleś Harun. Selected works
Vasil Bykaŭ. Selected works
Ryhor Krušyna. Selected works
Francišak Alachnovič. Selected works
Jan Skryhan. Selected works
Uładzimir Karatkievič. Selected works

Belarusian Chronicles
Ihnat Damiejka. My Journeys
Kastuś Kalinoŭski. Works, documents
Jaŭchim Karski. Belarusians (only contents)
Mikałaj Ułaščyk. Selected works (only contents)
Haŭryła Harecki. Selected works
Fadziej Bułharyn. Selected works
Časłaŭ Piatkievič. Selected works
Alaksandr Jelski. Selected works

Books in print

Plan-catalogue (in Belarusian)

Adam Bahdanovič. Selected works
Zmitrok Biadula. Selected works
Ancient Belarusian Literature. Collection

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Executive Editor and President of "Belarusian Library"
Kastuś Cvirka

Executive Director
Hienadź Viniarski

Editorial Staff
Halina Alejnik, Sierafim Andrajuk, Uładzimir Arłoŭ, Ryhor Baradulin, Uładzimir Bielski, Janka Bryl, Hienadź Buraŭkin, Nił Hilevič, Janka Zaprudnik, Vasil Zujonak, Viktar Kavalenka, Anatol Kłyška, Arsień Lis, Aleh Łojka, Adam Maldzis, Michaś Mušynski, Ivan Savierčanka, Janka Sałamievič, Halina Tyčka, Mikoła Chaŭstovič, Viačasłaŭ Čamiarycki, Ivan Šamiakin, Jazep Januškievič

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Bielaruskaja Palicka

Throughout their centuries-old history Belarusians created a great and distinctive literature, one of the richest in the world. Unfortunately, it is still sealed and guarded from us in full. Today the time has come to tear off those locks and return our cultural legacy without which we can not realize ourselves as a people. It is precisely for this our well-known scientists and men of literature have organized a representative organization - International Foundation "Belarusian Library". This organization has made it its aim to publish under one heading all the best from the literary works created in Belarusian lands from the very beginning of writing till these days. The works will be brought out by separate volumes. With the help of impressive characters and documentary materials this unique publication will reveal us all the millennial history of Belarus. For each Belarusian who longs to get to know his Homeland and who does not want to be the Ivan without his kith or kin the books of "Belarusian Library" will be the books he is never without.

The authors of this multi-volume serial publication are both natives of Belarus and foreign writers which lived in our land and described it in their books. The works written in the foreign languages (the Latin, the Polish, the Jewish and others) or in the old-slavonic and old-Belarusian languages will be translated into the modern Belarusian language.

It goes without saying that to start such a large-scale publication will be not so easy in our difficult times. Sizeable means are needed. But we, Belarusians, seem to have grown up enough to show ourselves with dignity in the world.

We call all the aware Belarusians to take a direct part in returning our "lifeless" culture and to make his or her contribution within his or her power to our national revival.

We also appeal to our foreign friends. If you want to see a free, independent and peace-loving nation in the centre of Europe, then help it to return its historical memory taken away from it by force.

We believe that there will be people and organizations to finance this publication. Published on their means a book of this real "home" university will be their considerable contribution to our culture, become their everlasting honour and, certainly, it will advertise a firm or organization best. The names of the sponsors will be printed on the best place of this prestige publication and thus they wilt be added to the history of our culture forever. The appearance of each book in a beautiful serial design will be a real feast of Belarusian literature. And the most honorary participants of this holiday will be those who have helped the book to come out, those who have put their capital into it, thus having become its owner to a certain extent. It is planned to arrange the premieres of each "Belarusian Library" book in the House of Literature in Miensk. The ceremonies will be shown on television and covered in all mass media.

We give our requisites for those who will want to support this large-scale initiative.

МГА «Белкнігазбор»
ПУП «Кнігазбор»
Ліцэнзія № 02330/0003924 ад 08.04.11.
Юрыдычны адрас: Вул. Я. Лучыны, 38-93, 220112, Мінск, Рэспубліка Беларусь.
Офіс: Вул. Казінца, 6-306, 220099, Рэспубліка Беларусь.
Тэл./факс (017) 207-62-33, тэл. (029) 772-19-14, 682-83-86.
E-mail: bkniha@tut.by

Administration of International
Foundation "Belarusian Library".

International Foundation "Belarusian Library"
are sincerely interested in co-operation with culture
propaganding organizations, foundations and
commercial structures